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Flanking DNA surrounding the variant. This table is derived mainly from the dbSNP SubSNPSeq tables, such as SubSNPSeq3_ins and SubSNPSeq3_p1_human. Sequence in lower case is used for sequence identified by RepeatMasker as low-complexity or repetitive elements. In the dbSNP-Q query tool the DNA sequence is separated by spaces every 10 bases, but this is for display only; in the database there are no spaces in the DNA sequence.


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Experimental Process Flow

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Back Trace

This shows the path of experimental process flow leading up to the table _loc_flanking_seq when it is part of the output of some process. A back trace was not possible in this case - the table _loc_flanking_seq may be reference data.

Full Trace

This shows the bidirectional experimental process flow from the table _loc_flanking_seq including cases where it is reference data. A full trace was not possible in this case -the table _loc_flanking_seq may be reference data.