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1000 Genomes October 2011 (v2)

Version: 2
MySQL Name: bioq_1000genomes_oct11
Number of tables: 52
Data size: 113.88 Gb

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Frequency and QC data from the October 2011 Release of the 1000 Genomes project. This release contains an integrated set of variant calls and phased genotypes including SNPS and short insertions and deletions based on low coverage and exome sequencing. The release was updated on November 11, 2011 to include new data from dbSNP so that many more sites can now be linked to dbSNP. See the 1000 Genomes Announcements Page for more information.

NOTE: variant/gene transcript relationships are determined by data from dbSNP and the dbSNP "rs" identification numbers (the column snp_id in the BioQ tables) provided for the variants in the 1000 genomes VCF files. The absence of variant/gene data may therefore be due to a dbSNP ID not yet being assigned to the variant. This affects the way the variants are queried in the BioQ query tool: only variants in dbSNP will be retrieved when attempting to retrieve all variants related to a specific gene.


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Key experimental results and the samples and biologics to which they can be traced.